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Sights, smells and sounds on a trip to the ‘Haven of Peace’ (The East African)

Originally published at The East African on 26th April 2021.

[...] The cuisine here is a mix of seafood, Swahili and Indian cuisine. Though I’m more inclined to have wine with my meals, the maitre d’ convinced us to try their specialty craft beer made by Tanzania’s only microbrewery, Crafty Dee’s. The English Summer hybrid ale was a nice starter beverage and accompaniment to our appetisers of feta cheese and smoked chicken mini tarts.

With my skewered prawns on a bed of sticky coconut pilaf rice together with a Tanzanian hot sauce called chachandu, I had a slightly chilled Dee’s Blonde. This low-bitterness ale was a perfect match for the zesty prawns. The restaurant service was quick and friendly. [...]

Read the full article at The East African here.

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