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FOOD: Crafty Dee’s beer, food pairs (The East African)

Originally published at The East African on 25th October 2019.

We learnt from Crafty Dee how beer, with its complexity of flavours and ability to provide refreshment is a great match for many food flavours and not just nyama choma.

For my entrée course, I went with the Serengeti Lite with crayfish bisque, fennel foam and garlic crostini soup. It is a light-body beer with a slight crisp taste and a strong malty dry finish that goes well with fried foods or salads.

For the second course, our host Chintu Patel explained that pairing the food’s flavours to those of the beer is key. I took the “expert” advice and went with Arancini Riso, avocado, perl onion and sweet corn salad paired with Dee’s Gold beer.

Dee’s Gold is slightly bitter than Serengeti Lite. It has strong hops and a tropical fruit aroma. It goes down well with chicken, salmon and salads.

Read the full article at The East African here.

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