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Hand Crafted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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- About -

Welcome to Crafty Dee's Brewing Company, a pioneering beacon of artistry, innovation, and community spirit. From our humble beginnings in a small room at the back of our founder's house, we've risen to become the first brewpub experience in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our 130-seater brewpub stands as a testament to our commitment to showcasing the values of our beer brand and offering a truly multisensory journey into the world of craft beer.


Crafty Dee's Brewpub is more than just a place to enjoy great beer and food; it's an immersive experience that celebrates the convergence of tradition and modernity. Our space seamlessly integrates the ambiance of a restaurant and pub with the lush greenery of a tropical beer garden, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy. Behind large panoramic windows, our state-of-the-art craft beer production facility stands as a symbol of our dedication to innovation and quality craftsmanship. Here, guests can witness firsthand the magic of brewing and gain insights into our brewing processes.


At Crafty Dee's, we believe in the power of skill and knowledge transfer, and our brewpub serves as a hub for sharing our passion for brewing with enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our reduced carbon footprint through our direct-to-consumer business model, from grain to glass, embodied in each pint served to our guests. By offering our award-winning craft beers, recognized at the African Beer Cup in 2021, 2022, and 2023, directly to our guests, we minimize waste and environmental impact while delivering exceptional quality and freshness.

As one of only two microbreweries in Tanzania, and the only one in Dar es Salaam,Crafty Dee's Brewpub is not just an attraction for domestic and international tourism, it's a symbol of ingenuity and passion in the heart of Tanzania. Join us as we raise a glass to pioneering spirit, artistic expression, and the endless possibilities of craft beer. Welcome to Crafty Dee's Brewing Company, where innovation meets tradition, and every pour tells a story of skill and dedication. Cheers!


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- Partners - 

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 Chole Road - Masaki 

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 Kahama Road - Masaki 

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CBD - Dar es Salaam



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Ali Bin Said Road - Masaki

 Chole Road - Masaki 


CBD - Dar es Salaam

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Terminal 3 - Julius Nyerere International Airport

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Slipway Road - Masaki

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Slipway Road, Masaki

Johari Rotana Logo.png

CBD - Dar es Salaam

 Slipway - Masaki 


Mzinga Way, Masaki

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Ali Bin Said Road - Masaki


Usa River - Arusha

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50 Haile Selassie Rd, Arusha


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- Recognition -

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SoSo Traveller

Local Guide

“First off this is a hidden gem in Masaki. Who knew there was a beer garden in Dar?! Can't wait to come back again!"

Juanita A 

"Quality service, amazing food, and delicious beer. Definitely a must experience for any beer lover who seeks a chilled but tastefully decorated ambience"

David Hill

"If you want a proper beer, then she is the only place to come"

Cam B

Local Guide

"Amazing setup, good vibes, great beer, good bar food, and an inspiring story. Definitely got to pull in for one if in Dar es Salaam"

Coral Rocks Zanzibar

"What a cool place. Clean, stylish, upmarket, with amazing craft beer and food, an awesome ambience. Can't fault it. Try it, you will not be disappointed"

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